Depending on your treatment assessment, you may need substance abuse education classes or substance abuse treatment. As you develop your treatment plan, your counselor will work with you to choose assignments and topics most beneficial to you.

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Why Would I Need Substance Abuse Education?

You may have been advised to take a substance abuse education class if you:

  • reeived a DWI/DUI;
  • have trouble handling emotions;
  • struggle with loneliness or isolation; or,
  • need additional support.

Substance Abuse Education Classes

Driving With Care

If you’ve received a DWI and need to complete a class, Driving With Care (Level I, II or II) addresses the cognitive thinking patterns which cause DWI behavior and offers tools to prevent repeat behaviors

How Alcohol & Drugs Affect Your Brain

This class covers the physical, mental and emotional toll particular substances take on your brain, and consequently your cognitive abilities. These effects change how you react to stress and how you interact with family, friends and work.