Rule 25

Before starting treatment at Time To Change? LLC we will perform a Rule 25 or a Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessment to determine the level of care you need, as well as satisfy the requirements of the state of Minnesota for treatment.

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Why Would I Need A Rule 25 or a Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessment?

You may have been advised or required complete a chemical health evaluation if you have been:

  • arrested or convicted of a DUI/DWI;
  • part of a court case where substance use may be an issue;
  • in a situation at work or school where substance use may be a concern;
  • personally worried about your own use of alcohol or chemical substances;
  • required to by the DMV as part of a license reinstatement process.

How Does A Rule 25 or a Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessment?

A Rule 25 chemical assessment includes an interview with a counselor to review your chemical use and its impact on your daily life and relationships. The assessment may also include many other stages, including:

  • a review of medical, legal, mental health and treatment records;
  • a physical screening questionnaire;
  • an assessment of need for detox services; and,
  • interviews with other concerned individuals in your life.

This data is analyzed to determine your personal level of chemical use and dependence. Your formal treatment plan and other recommendations will be based on this information.

A chemical health assessment contains confidential information. This information is only released to third parties after the individual has provided his/her consent by signing a release of information form.

Types Of Chemical Assessments

Assessments will address each individual’s unique needs and will be fully customized.

Rule 25 or a Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessment are of course needed, but an Alcohol Substance Use And Driving Survey – Revised (ASUDS-R) assessment may also be needed if you’ve had a DWI/DUI and need classes like Driving With Care I, II or III.

A multidimensional assessment uses the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) six dimensions to assess your needs, and defines the severity of clinical issues which need to be resolved. This assessment helps decide what programs can help you and what the goals and initial treatment plan will be.